About Me

I started Artisan Greetings so that folks would be able to purchase my handmade greeting cards and personal art. I love making cards (and have done so for over 20 years) and figured that it was time to sell some of my creations.

I’m Ron and I love paper. Really, I do. I’ve always been fascinated by paper – different colors, weights, & textures. I remember making all sorts of things out of paper  as a kid, so I suppose it’s only natural that I grew up still wanting to play with paper.

Even though I work mostly with paper, I really think of myself as a mixed media artist because my work often includes metal, wood, polymer clay, plastic, and even glass on occasion! I’ve created my own embellishments and backgrounds with watercolors, pigment and dye based inks in stamp pads and spray bottles, oil pastels, watercolor pencils and even crayons. And depending on the look I’m going for, sponges, sand paper, and even bubble wrap are part of my arsenal of tools.

My work has been published in Vamp Stamp News, a wonderful printed monthly magazine that focuses on rubber stamping; please visit for more information. Several of my digital scrapbook pages have been published in Club Scrap’s monthly DigiRap and I’m a member of the Club Scrap Digital Artist Team.

I’ve also worked with, an online TV network which produced instructional craft programs, for more than two years. In addition to working on the production of several episodes of the Scrapbook Lounge, I am the group moderator of its support group on Yahoo! where I discuss crafting techniques with its 5,000+ members.

I’ve been inspired by many artists – here are just a few of them: Tricia Morris, Michael Strong, Judi Wantabe, Cherryl Greene, Tim Holtz, Kay Williamson, Terri Zwicker, Karen Elaine Thomas, Julie Heyer, & Farley Cross.